Kaja Martin is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, director living in Los Angeles. VP of production company Equals Three Studios, which has a combined audience  of over 17 million subscribers. Right now she is on a stand up tour with comedian Ray William Johnson.

Kaja has helmed several successful YouTube shows  (The Equals Three Show, Top 6, Booze Light year, Comedians On, and Date Debate).  She has also helped launched them into network platforms such as NETFLIX and Verizon Go90  with the original series, Riley Rewind and Miss Earth. In Film, Kaja has been fortunate  enough to Executive Produce with brothers Jay & Mark Duplass for their 2015 comedy thriller: Manson Family Vacation.

In her free time she teaches her dog Neptune – a French bulldog, to read and write. 

“It has been an incredibly slow process but rewarding” 



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